Today is a new Day!
We walk free and empowered,
Under an open heaven of our Fathers provision.
We Honor the Lord with the gift we give

As it represents our heart to Him, and our standard of excellence.
We declare our blessings to be abundant, and God’s hand upon us.
We take dominion over our wealth
And speak the blessings of God to our finances

And all avenues of provision.
We continue to expect.
We are not limited by our jobs or income
But know that the provision of God is extensive and immeasurable.

We know Him as the God of the impossible.
We believe for promotions and blessings in our job
And better jobs for all who need one.
We believe for unusual resources to find their way to us,

By mail, or inheritance, or gifting, surprises. 
We believe for objects needed.
We believe for inspired ideas that create wealth
for our family and the kingdom.

We believe that storehouses have been laid up by our righteous
ancestors and are being opened to us for the blessing
of our family and the kingdom.
We believe for the favor of God to be on everything we do.

We expect God encounters, angelic intervention and instant miracles.
We stand in authority given by Christ Jesus to heal the sick
and to raise the dead.
We believe for generations to never know sickness.

We are impassioned to help the poor and needy
and to love the unloved.
We are a house that will change our region, our nation and the world, 
as God opens doors of opportunity to us.

Our unity is in the bonds of Love.  
Here we are your river of blessing to all the world, Lord send us.

Pastor Andrae Roberts
TEL: (754) 214 5463