The Bible is the inspired,infallible word of God and is our guide for what we believe and do. (Tim.3:16)


Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa's greatest joy is to see you fulfill your God given Potential and Purpose. They believe that every person has received gifts, talents, a unique personality, favor, and divine contacts from God to enable and guide them in fulfilling what He has intended for their life (Eph. 2:10). Kees-Jan and Candy served as pastors, supervisors and teachers in different Bible Schools, started the first Christian TV Network in the Canary islands, Spain, developed their itinerant Ministry called Fulfilling Destiny Ministry and minister internationally as an Apostolic & Prophetic team. They provide Apostolic covering through their International Network of Alignment. Both are members of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders led by Cindy Jacobs.


Changing the World with Kindness

SWEET Girl Time 
Desiring for this generation of young women to be SWEET, to empower and treasure each other


We are a Christian Counseling Center that strongly believes there are solutions for every challenge in life with the help and guidance of a loving God. We believe He is able and willing to heal, restore, and inspire every person to live out his/her destiny and purpose for which they are alive today. RFRC is a safe, confidential environment, where our clients are free to explore who they are and what their dreams and aspirations are, while being empowered and encouraged to make their own decisions in order to fulfill their dreams. We believe that every person is unique and matters, and that the ultimate value and respect for every human life is a God given privilege


Bill has been a Pastor for 25 years. After spending 12 years in Austin, TX, Bill and his wife, Traci, had a supernatural encounter that drew them into an incredible adventure of being shaped and fashioned by the power and grace of God. They currently travel, speaking in conferences and churches around the world, as well as serving at Community Presbyterian Church in Celebration, Florida where Bill is a pastor. One of the most important works for Bill was co-authoring a book with New York Times Bestselling Author, Ted Dekker.

Bill and Ted co-authored “The Forgotten Way,” which can be found at Bill’s consuming passion is to empower people to do the greater works that Jesus spoke of and live out the mystery of our union with Christ. He enjoys empowering others to invade the impossible. Bill and Traci currently live in Celebration, Florida. They have two grown children, Britain and Sara..


Ahab and Jessica Alhindi are a lively couple who are now living in Redding Ca. Jessica is from Norther Ontario Canada. Her journey with the Lord started at a young age when one of her cousins pleaded with her to give her life to the Lord out of fear that she would not be in heaven with her. Jessica responded to the Lord that day and began interceding for her family to come to God at the age of 8. Ahab's beginings with the Lord did not start until he was 20 years old. He had grown up in a Greek Orthodox Church most of His life, however had not commitited His life to God in any real way. He believed in the idea of God, and even based some decision around the judgement of God, however it was not until he turn 20 years old that He met the Lord through a radical encounter with His love.
After ten months of knowing the Lord Ahab was attending Life Pacific College in San Dimas Ca.

Ahab and Jessica travel throughout the world with the purpose to refresh hearts, renew minds and activate today's revivalists. They love to equip the body of Christ in believing truth which results in healing, signs & wonders, evangelism, prophesy, inner healing, heightened leadership and deeper intimacy with The Father. One of their foremost desires is to see the body of Christ walking in wholeness, freedom and power.


Michael and Cherrie Kaylor are the founders of Kingdom Legacy Ministries. They share a passion to empower their church and others to live a life of supernatural wonder. Leaders and advisors for Randy Clark’s “Global Awakening”, they have both authored books and are renowned speakers who are regularly invited to share and impart around the world.


Scarrella Ministries is a revival driven evangelistic ministry with a strong emphasis on healings and miracles. Apostolic in nature, TSMs passion is to bring change, an equipping and a setting ablaze of the local church with the fire of God and the tools of evangelism.

The vision of Scarrella Ministries is to spread revival fire across the United States and into other areas of the world through revival campaigns, crusades, and conferences. To empower the local church with the passionate heights and depths of the fire of God and a higher calling and commitment to its Savior, confirming and validating the message with unusual signs, wonders, healings, and miracles following.

The vision of Scarrella Ministries is to set ablaze, equip, and send out 100 itinerate evangelistic and pastoral ministries (ministry interns/affiliates) with the message of revival and of the passionate heights and depths of the fire of God and a higher calling and commitment to the Kingdom of Jesus. These ministries will be consumed with the glory of God in an effort to take their anointing to the four corners of the world

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